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Headteacher's most recent letter 17/May


Monday 20/05/24

  • Years 5 & 6 visit Urdd Glan-llyn residential centre for three days
  • World bee day

Tuesday 21/05/24

  • Cricket for Year 4


Wednesday 22/05/24

  • Years 5 & 6 return from Glan-llyn
  • NO Cân Actol rehearsal
  • NO Urdd Club


Thursday 23/05/24

  • Swimming for yrs.4&6


Friday 24/05/24

  • Orchestra rehearsal 8:45
  • A concert by the Urdd Eisteddfod competitors to the rest of the school


Lunchtime menu

20th - 24th of May 2024 (Week 1 menu)

Monday 20/05/24

LUNCH: Baked cheese pasta and bolognaise, garlic bread, broccoli and sweet corn
(V : Quorn bolognaise)
DESSERT: Fruit Pancake / Fresh Fruit


Tuesday 21/05/24

LUNCH: Grilled chicken, hash potatoes, baked beans and veggie sticks
(V: Vegetarian grills)
DESSERT: Chocolate and fruit brownie


Wednesday 22/05/24

LUNCH: Sausages, Yorkshire pudding, potatoes, carrots, beans and gravy
(V: Vegetarian sausage)
DESSERT: Oat biscuits and milk / Fresh Fruit


Thursday 23/05/24

LUNCH: Chicken curry, rice, naan bread and mixed vegetables
(V : Vegetable curry)
DESSERT: Shortbread with juice / Fresh Fruit

Friday 24/05/24

LUNCH: Fish, chips, peas, mixed salad and bread
(V : Fishless fingers)
DESSERT: Ice cream in sponge roll / Fresh Fruit



3rd - 7th of June 2024 (Week 2 menu)

Monday 03/06/24

LUNCH: Meatballs in tomato sauce, pasta, garlic bread, peas and sweetcorn
(V : Quorn balls)
DESSERT: Apple and custard scone / Fresh fruit


Tuesday 04/06/24

LUNCH: Chicken wrap, chips, carrots and mixed salad
(L: Vegetarian Wrap)
DESSERT: Peach melba / Fresh fruit


Wednesday 05/06/24

LUNCH: Pizza, potato cubes, tomato and cucumber salsa, vegetable sticks
DESSERT: Pear and chocolate muffin, with milk / Fresh fruit


Thursday 06/06/24

LUNCH: Chicken, potatoes, stuffing, carrots, broccoli and gravy
(V : Quorn)
DESSERT: Chocolate cake and juice / Fresh fruit

Friday 07/06/24

LUNCH: Fish, potatoes, baked beans, vegetable sticks and bread
(V : Fishless fingers)
DESSERT: Jelly and cream / Fresh fruit



10th - 14th of June 2024 (Week 3 menu)

Monday 10/06/24

LUNCH: Bolonaise, pasta, garlic bread, peas and sweetcorn
(V : Bolonaise quorn)
DESSERT: Scone with cream and jam / Fresh fruit


Tuesday 11/06/24

LUNCH: Fish, potatoes, baked beans, vegetable sticks and bread
(V : Fishless fingers)
PUDDING: Eve's pudding with custard / Fresh fruit


Wednesday 12/06/24

LUNCH: Pork, Yorkshire pudding, potatoes, carrots, beans and gravy
(V : Quorn)
DESSERT: Chocolate cookie and fruit


Thursday 13/06/24

LUNCH: Tomato and chicken pasta, bread, broccoli and sweetcorn
(V : Tomato pasta)
DESSERT: Chocolate muffin and milk / Fresh fruit

Friday 14/06/24

LUNCH: Hot dog, chips, mixed salad and tomato ketchup
(V : Quorn burger)
DESSERT: Yoghurt and fruit




(A vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free menu is also served for pupils we have been informed about in advance)



* It is possible the menu will need to change occasionally due to reasons beyond the control of the kitchen staff. We hope these occasions will be rare.


Paying for school meals

School meals are now free of charge for every primary school children in Ceredigion.


The school is using ParentPay to receive payments for school dinners. Parents and Guardians will have received an e-mail with details for signing up to ParentPay. Please contact the school for more information.